Get Best Treatment at Drug Rehabs in Australia

According to National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, drug addiction in Australia is increasing at a rapid rate due to easy availability of illicit drugs. Nearly 40% of Australian students are addicted to some or the other form of drugs for varied reasons. An educated individual from an influential family can just as easily slip into this dark-hole as any uneducated or poor person. An extensive increase in the reported cases of drug abuse in Australia has led to substantial increase in the demand for drug rehabs in the country. Today, there are nearly thousands of drug rehabs in Australia, established with a purpose to bring down the statistics.

Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and New South Wales have some of the best drug rehabs in Australia. Regardless of the severity of the addiction, it is advised to consult professional to get rid of the addiction. Even though there is no permanent cure for drug addiction, self-control and personalized treatments can help you get rid of the problem in a seamless manner.

Signs of Drug Addiction

Some of the signs of drug addiction include:

● Avoiding non-users.

● Feeling uncomfortable without drugs.

● Losing weight.

● Selling things to pay for drugs.

● Stealing from other people to pay for drugs.

Types of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is recognized in various different forms based on specific types of drugs. Some of the most common type of drugs used in Australia includes:

● Heroin

● Benzodiazepines

● Tobacco

● Cannabis

● Cocaine

● Amphetamines

● Ecstasy

● LSD and magic mushrooms

Getting Help

Recognizing the problem is the first and foremost step to seek help for addiction. It is impossible to force another person to take a treatment for a problem that he believes does not exist.

Many people think giving up on drugs is under their control, and they’ll do whenever they’ll feel the need to. Finding a good rehab is the best way to get rid of such problems and make your lifestyle better. Since there are over a hundred rehabs in each part of Australia, it might be difficult to choose the particular one that can cater all of your problems with right counselling and guidance. Here are some factors that you must look for when finding a drug rehab in Australia.

Factors to Decide Best Addiction Treatment Program

● Regular personalized counseling.

● Group therapy sessions.

● Discussion sessions with family and friends of the addict.

● Art therapy.

● Psychodrama therapy.

● Regular guidance session on recovery from drug addiction.

Some Popular Drug Rehab Centers in Australia

In this section, we’ve listed out some popular drug rehabs in Australia. Each one of the listed ones are 5 stars rated, so you need not worry about the quality of the treatment offered. You can contact them individually, to pick the best suitable one for you.

● The Sanctuary BB

● Remar Australia

● The Health Retreat

● Narconon International

● Odyssey House Residential Rehabilitation

● The Raymond Hader Clinic

Cost of Drug Rehabs in Australia

The cost of the drug rehab treatment will depend upon the facilities and services you will opt for. In most private centers, a drug rehab in Australia can cost around $3000-$5000 for in-patient treatment and $20-$30 per day for outpatients.

If you’re suffering from a drug addiction problem, you should immediately consult a drug rehab in Australia today. It is important to choose the best drug rehab center to prevent the chances of relapse. Effective group therapies and follow-ups can help you live a healthy and happy life again.