The Cabin Chiang Mai – Recover From Your Addictions

Expat lifestyle might look trendy and glamorous with active social lives, but it tends to have a lot of drawbacks and drinking is one of them. Increasing number of people nowadays become victim of addictions, for varied social and personal reasons. In such a situation, finding help can be really challenging, especially in foreign lands.

Asia’s most respected drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, The Cabin Chiang Mai has clients from all over the world; located in Northern Thailand, a significant portion of clients at this center hail from UK, Australia, and the expatriate community based in Asia.

Cabin Chiang Mai attracts thousands of people from different parts of the world, finding a solution to recover from their alcohol and drug addictions. The center is designed to deliver high quality addiction treatment in a restorative and secluded environment.

What Does the Treatment Comprises of?

The addiction-free programs at Cabin Chiang Mai comprise of holistic, intelligent and physical aspects of modern lifestyle led by people. The major highlight of this center is that the programs are customizable and tailored to meet the individual needs of every patient. It uses Cognitive Behavior Therapy to deliver successful results.

What Are the Types of Programs Available?

Alcohol Detox: In this procedure, patients are required to undergo all necessary detoxification and withdrawal processes. The procedure is customized keeping in mind the lifestyle, age, and mental condition of different patients.

Drug Detox: In this procedure, patients are trained to deal with the withdrawal symptoms as a result of drug detoxification. This program also aims at providing the patient with required stability with regular counseling to ensure better results.

Physical Therapy: The therapy sessions aim at holistic approach. These include physical workout programs like Pilates, yoga, mountain biking, personal training, trekking, body combat and aqua fitness therapy.


Counseling Therapy: Counseling therapy implement Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other psychological procedures to understand the cause of addictions and help patients deal with them. The counseling therapies include group sessions, as well as individual counseling sessions.

Facilities in the Cabin Chiang Mai

The Cabin Chiang Mai offers a luxurious and restorative environment so patients do not feel home-sick. It provides high quality accommodation, amazing hospitality and wide range of cuisines. The facility also provides post-treatment care programs to boost self-esteem and confidence of patients to prevent relapse. The staff and team of doctors also provide sufficient tools to help patients continue their efforts and live a drug and alcohol free life, after the recovery.

The rehabilitation teams work with patients to determine the root cause of addiction, triggers that lead to addiction and risks of relapse. All these factors are taken into consideration to create customized therapies for individual patients. Unlike conventional rehab centers, the therapy and counseling sessions are held in serene and calm environment. Creative therapies like drama, art or fitness aim at improving physical endurance and mental health of patients.

So, if you are looking forward to get rid of your alcohol and drug addiction in a non-conventional way, the Cabin Chiang Mai can be a perfect choice! Amidst serene environment and beautiful surroundings, it will help you overcome your addictions successfully.